Policy Support

Because of the applied nature of our research, we try to support relevant policy making at all levels as much as we can. Some recent activities include:


Presentations, seminars, and outreach activities

  • 08/06/2015. National Drinking Water and Sanitation Regulating Agency, Lima, Peru. Presentation on: "Environmental virtual observatories for an effective and polycentric governance".
  • 09/02/2015. Presentation on "Assessing the vulnerability of water resources to environmental change" at the UNESCO Policy workshop on "Addressing Water Security: Climate impacts and adaptation responses in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe" (Brussels, 9 - 10 February. 2015).
  • 24/01/2014. UNESCO Synthesis Science - Policy Workshop on "Climate Change Impacts in Major Mountainous Regions of the World: Multidisciplinary Network for Adaptation Strategies". Buytaert moderated a panel session on Climate Change and the Cryosphere: Impacts on snow, ice, and hydrology.
  • 21/10/2013. Sainsbury's Joint annual lecture. The growing challenge of water stewardship. Buytaert participated as discussion panel member.
  • 21-22/03/2013. World Bank PRAA project workshop, La Paz, Bolivia. Buytaert was keynote speaker and scientific adviser, with talks on "State of the art of hydrological research in the Tropical Andes", "Monitoring and data availability for hydrological studies in the Andean region", "Impacts of Climate Change on the hydrology of the tropical Andes", and "Perspectives, requirements and dissemination of hydrological research in the Tropical Andes".
  • 13/11/2012. Andean Community of Nations, Lima, Peru. Buytaert gave a talk on "The role of participatory data collection and modelling in water resources management"
  • 08/11/2012. Swiss Development Cooperation / Forest Trends / Consortium for the Sustainable Development of the Andean Ecoregion, Lima, Peru. Buytaert gave a talk on "Data needs for rural planning in the Andes"