Hydroflux India

Hydrometeorological feedbacks and changes in water storage and fluxes in Northern India

Period: 01/02/2012 - 31/01/2016
Coordinators: Dr. Wouter Buytaert and Prof. Pradeep Mujumdar

This is a legacy page for the Hydroflux India project (NERC contract XXXX), with the purpose of keeping a record of the project outputs. A preliminary list is given below.

Scientific publications

  • O'Keeffe, J., Buytaert, W., Mijic, A., Brozovic, N., Sinha, R., 2016. The use of Semi-Structured Interviews for the Characterisation of Farmer Irrigation Practices. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20, 1911-1924, 2016
  • Moulds, S., Buytaert, W., Mijic, A., 2015. An open and extensible framework for spatially explicit land use change modelling: the lulcc R package. Geoscientific Model Development 8, 3215-3229
  • Tsarouchi, G.M., Buytaert, W., Mijic, A., 2014. Coupling a Land Surface Model with a Crop Growth Model to improve ET flux estimations in the Upper Ganges basin, India. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 18, 4223-4238, 2014.
  • Tsarouchi, G.M., Mijic, A., Moulds, S., and Buytaert, W. (2014) Historical and future land cover changes in the Upper Ganges basin in India. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 35(9), 3150-3176.

Other outputs

To be completed...