Mountain-EVO meeting and field visit to the pairwise catchment in Huamantanga, Peru (22-26 September 2014)

CONDESAN hosted a 1-week consortium-level meeting to evaluate the current progress of the project and establish concrete outcomes. On the 3rd day, a local stakeholders meeting was conducted with representation from the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment and local NGOs. The researchers spent the last 2 days visiting the village of Huamantanga, where pair-wise participatory monitoring activities was recently initiated as part of the IMHEA initiative to understand the impact of land use changes on the drinking and irrigation water supply of the community.

A streamflow monitoring station installed by IMHEA as part of the pairwise catchment study to understand the impact of upstream land grazing on water availability:

A canal which comprise the mamanteo system, an ancient technology for water harvesting revived by the rural community in attempt to increase dry-season flows: