Software development

Our group develops several software packages. Most of these range from little more than proof-of-concepts to experimental prototypes. Those that we think are in a sufficiently mature state to be potentially useful to others, are made available in the public domain. Below is a list of repositories and documentation.

Hydrological modelling in R

Mature R packages

  • Topmodel is an implementation of the hydrological model TOPMODEL as a dynamic library, wrapped into an R package. The package was documented on the R wiki, until the site mysteriously disappeared. We are reconstructing the documentation. In the meanwhile you can find an archived page here.
  • r_fuse is an R implementation of the FUSE hydrological modelling framework.
  • PhD student Claudia Vitolo has built several other R packages available on her Github page.

Experimental R packages

  • RHydro is a very experimental attempt to develop an object-oriented framework for hydrological data analysis and modelling.


  • Have a look on our Github page to see what else we are up to.