Related activities

Below is a list of other projects that are independent of Hydroflux - India but have similar concerns and interests. If you have an activity of project that you think should be on our radar, then please get in touch.

Groundwater resilience to climate change and abstraction in the Indo-Gangetic basin

This is a two-year DFID-funded research programme implemented by the British Geological Survey. It aims at strengthening the evidence-base linking groundwater resources, climate variability and abstraction, and emerging policy responses in the Indo-Gangetic basin.

Mitigating climate change impacts on India agriculture through improved irrigation water management (MICCI)

This a project within the Changing Water Cycle programme with the aim to assess the impacts and uncertainty of climate change and variability on irrigation water security and to evaluate the effectiveness of better irrigation water management strategies to reduce the impacts of water scarcity on livelihoods and food security in India..