The main aim of this project is to build an integrated, calibrated hydrometeorological model for the Indian Gangetic Plain. With this modelling setup, we should be able to generate the following outputs:

  • Quantification (with uncertainty) of the major hydrological fluxes in the Gangetic Plain and their spatio-temporal variability over the last 40 years;
  • Separation of the impact of local land use changes from synoptic climate forcing;
  • Quantification of the changes in hydrometeorological feedbacks induced by anthropogenic land use changes and their impact on the local and large-scale monsoon climate;
  • Probability distributions of water availability under climate change conditions (2010 2030).The following intermediate deliverables will be generated:
  • A comprehensive dataset of land use changes over the study period in the Gangetic Plains;
  • CMIP5 projections downscaled to a resolution of minimum 0.5 for the Gangetic Plains

Here, we will track the progress towards these outputs.