Dr Andy Turner

Andy Turner

Dr Andy Turner completed his PhD at the University of Reading in 2005 on the subject of the monsoon-ENSO relationship in current and future climates.  Since then he has continued to study climate variability and change in the Asian monsoon region and is involved in collaborations with the Met Office and internationally.  He currently holds a NERC Fellowship on The Future of the Indian Monsoon and is based at NCAS-Climate in the University of Reading Department of Meteorology.  Dr Turner also sits on the WCRP CLIVAR Asian-Australian Monsoon Panel, aiming to better coordinate international monsoon research and raise priority research issues.

Dr Turner's particular interests in the Hydroflux India project include the impact of changing land use, via groundwater extraction and irrigation over the Indo-Gangetic Plains, on the climate of the South Asian monsoon, particularly its circulation and precipitation.  At a more fundamental level, such work may help elucidate some of the basic mechanisms of monsoon development and maintenance. Dr Turner will be employing a PDRA to continue this work.

Email: a.g.turner@reading.ac.uk