Field visit to Debre Mawi experimental watershed in the Blue Nile basin (28 June - 2 July 2014)

Imperial college researchers joined the team at Bahir Dar University to perform a transect walk of the Debre Mawi experimental catchment, where there is an ongoing participatory monitoring program conducted with the local farmers to generate rainfall, streamflow, and sediment data. The data are used to understand how human intervention of the landscape has impacted the stability of farming lands and contributed to the formation of gullies. The visit also included a meeting with the Abbay basin authority who presented the framework of a centralized data collection, processing and dissemination of weather and river flow data that is currently under development. The visit ended with a meeting with the Director of International Water Management Institute (IWMI) to develop links between the project and others under their purview.

Gullies encroach on agricultural land and concern local farmers, who already constrained by a short rainy season


Sediment samples collected by local farmers